The Sentry Tire Value Package ($400 value)
  • 5 Years of free tire rotations
  • Free flat tire repair
  • Free changeover of snow tires and specialty accessory wheels purchased from us

Free Nitrogen with All New and Used Vehicles on Delivery (Save $200 a year in gas and maintenance)
  • Nitrogen is used in all Nascar and Formula One race cars as well as our nation's fleet of B2 bombers
  • Improves fuel economy up to 10% and tire life up to 30%
  • Maintains consistent tire pressure that is less sensitive to temperature fluctuation

Free Rental Car with All Major Maintenance ($300 value over the life of the car)
  • 30K, 60K, 90K mile intervals (or as otherwise specified in owners manual)
  • 50 car rental fleet

Sentry FordPass Rewards (Up to $500 value)
  • Earns you rewards every time you come in for service - 10 FordPass Rewards points per $1 spent on eligible purchases of parts and service.
  • Get 42,000 points with the purchase of a new Ford and activation/maintenance of FordPass Connect modem

$500 Additional Trade in Value Guarantee ($500 value)

Best Group of Technicians in New England (priceless)
  • Master certified Ford, Lincoln or Mazda technicians in every shop, armed with the latest diagnostic equipment and over 50 hours of continuing training every year


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